27 May 2014

Mountain Air.

Ready to head up the mountain, with EVERYTHING we own.  No, really. 

This past weekend we mad our way up to the mountains of NC for a long weekend/ anniversary getaway.  We both graduated from App State and couldn't wait to let Winslow see the beautiful town and its splendor!  Sadly, I didn't take as many photos as I wanted because between wrangling a golden retriever and a baby, our hands were full most of the weekend! We stayed in a small town outside of Boone on the bottom floor of a huge two story house/cabin/duplex/i dont know what to call it but it was awesome.

See? We got the whole bottom floor of this! It was 2 bedroom and 2 baths and have beautiful views of Grandfather mountain.  The owners stayed above us, and besides the occasional floor creak, we didn't even know they were there. 

We started our weekend off with lunch at a place we frequented while we were dating: Portofino.

 It was delicious.  And can we also talk about how I may have a strawberry blonde child?  YES please!  Doesn't his hair look reddish to you?  

We took Darla with us, and she had two big friends eating lunch beside her. 

We then walked around town and came back to relax a bit. Thank goodness for tripods because we attempted a family photo..except Winslow would rather act like a wet cat lately. hah!  See second and third photo.

We then went to our FAVORITE restaurant ever, called Woodlands. It's Western NC style BBQ and every Wednesday and Saturday, a man named Gene sings and plays guitar. We've been listening to him play since 2006 so naturally we had to get W's photo with him.

He loved the music and we loved the fried corn nuggets. Hello, beach body! ;)

Perhaps the most special thing we did was hike.  WAY back in 2009 (haha, it's not that long ago) Seth proposed to me while we were hiking this trail.  Let's look at our baby faces back then:

August 31, 2009

And here we are now! :)

Anyway..so we hiked up Rough Ridge, with a 21 pound baby in tow (I was OUT OF BREATH) so Seth got the pleasure of toting him down the mountain.


The day we got engaged, we found this inscribed on the rails..My name is spelled Kait, but it was still cool.  So of course, we had to look for it again.  

And Winslow is giving a great stink face, don't you think?

Doesn't he look strawberry blonde?  I love it!

And here, he looks like such a big boy. I want to cry when I look at this picture!  Geez, he's big!

After our hike, we just rambled around town.
Did some front porch sitin' 


The rhododendrons were out of this world. Wow.

So, it's pretty safe to say we had a wonderful time...oh yeah, and there was a hot tub at our house that we enjoyed but no pictures..because it's weird to take a picture of a hot tub.  That's all.

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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time! I see red in W's hair... Maybe strawberry blonde! And I agree about the hot tub picture thing... My husband and I went on vacation a year ago and it was awkward to take a picture of my feet in the hot tub... But that was as close to a picture as one could get! Haha!!