19 May 2014

Mommy brain at its finest


It's gotten BAD.  I am so forgetful.  If I don't write it down or tell Siri to remind me..I will not remember it.  Mommy brain is a thing.  a real thing that I suffer from daily.

 I even forgot to post about our Mother's Day!  OMG...and what W got for me!  And what we did.

Only a week late..   oh well..at least I'm documenting it, right?

I woke up to my sweet little boy "bababa"ing in my ear...then we got ready and W and daddy gave me my Mother's Day present!  It's so special to me because hubby thought of it all himself. And he wanted something extra memorable and not something I would just use and forget about..like clothes or a mani pedi (although those are really nice as well).  He got me...

A Cleveland Pear Tree!  So we can plant it and watch it grow year after year and have picnics and naps underneath it.  I love it.

W also made me a flower with his hands and feet.  Adorable!

We then went to the strawberry patch!

We had a wonderful time.  Then we came home, momma got a nap, and we just relaxed. 


I love being W's mom!

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