05 May 2014

Ham n Yam Festival...where the gettin's good.

Every year in the next town over from us, there is what they call the "Ham n Yam Festival".  It's pretty much just a redneck* town festival..complete with funnel cakes and large stuffed animals.

*Disclaimer:  My husband requested that I cross through that word because his loyalty and love to our county prevent him from supporting a blog post referring to its citizens as rednecks. But I will say, when festivals come to town, you wanna bring Bobby and his Aunt and their dog..all while drinking a Coors Light and smoking a Virginia Slim.

I love it though.  Not knockin' small town festivals.  We had a blast. And plus,  my hometown consists of 5000 people.


 The funny thing is, we could only find two places that sold HAM..and one that sold Yams...maybe we just missed them.. but we did get a ham biscuit. 

And there you have it! 

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