01 May 2014

7 things

1. Whoever invented baby jail, I mean the pack and play..you're a genius.  It's the only way I can get the 20 loads of laundry done and actually use the bathroom in peace. Oh yeah, and I heard that one of my friends actually put their baby in it and her and her hubby fell back asleep for ten minutes while he played happily by himself...wait...that was us.  True life, people. True life. 

2. I know Winslow is only 8 months old, but he has this new sense of independence that I've not seen yet.  He does not like for me to hold him long because he has places to go and people to see and he loves playing with all his toys by himself.  I'm thankful he plays well on his own, but sometimes I love a cuddle or two here and there.  Maybe when he gets older he will cuddle more?  #yeahright #wishfulthinking

3.  He thinks it's cool to wake up at 6:15 now...he used to sleep until 7 or 7:30...oh how I long for those thirty extra minutes of sleep.  But i do LOVE his sweet little morning grins when I go fetch him from his crib.

4.  May is going to be a good month.  I just know it.  It's my birthday month (I'll be in my "late" twenties?!?!  Well..if 26 counts as late twenties...i say it doesn't but it's technically over 25 which is mid twenties).  Our 4 year anniversary is this month and we are heading to the mountains for a long weekend.  We plan on doing some hiking, eating some great food..relaxing in the hot tub after W goes to bed..and enjoying our beautiful Alma Mater.  We are planning on going hiking where hubby proposed to me.  Shall be fun and bring back lots of wonderful memories.  So romantic, haha!

This is where he proposed. 
 We were such babies! 
 This was about a year later..

5.  We have to find a pool this summer, y'all.  I want to see W splash like he does in the bathtub.  It's so cute. AND I already got his swimsuit...he has two.  It's adorable.
Look at him standing up on me..he's so funny!  And yes, those are boxes...We are just packing up some stuff we don't use.

6.  I have already been planning W's first birthday party in my head.  It's still 3.5 months away but you gotta be prepared, right?  I can't wait to share details with you, but not yet...gotta be patient.

7.  A lot of my friends are pregnant! It's funny how when I was pregnant, they all were (but this new batch are different friends) and then it was like 6 or 7 months went by with no one being pregnant, and now 3-5 more friends are!  I swear, baby making comes in waves..it's like they subconsciously tell others it's time and they all get preggo at the same time...ha! My MOH in my wedding is expecting her 2nd.  My college roomate is due mid July, my best friend from 4th grade, a few other friends...sheesh.. and no, i'm NOT pregnant.  :)

Happy Thursday, lovlies!  It's almost the weekend!  PTL.

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