29 April 2014


This past weekend, we made a mini-roadtrip to Charlotte to visit our good friends.  This was W's first roadtrip (besides the one where we got stuck in the snow for 4 hours on Valentine's Day).  He did pretty good, but did have a mini-meltdown on the way there..he was sick of riding in the car and didn't like being restricted..he loved it when I was sitting in the back with him, so I did whatever made him happy!

 The boys played Fifa while the girls just chatted about life..it was wonderful. 

When we got there on Saturday, Alli and I went to get a pedicure..and had a glass of wine while they were doing our toes! It was wonderful.  The boys watched W while we did that and then we all went to dinner.  After W went to bed, the boys met up with some friends and played tennis while Alli and I ate Talenti Gelato and watched Frozen.  Cutest movie ever. haha!

We had a wonderful weekend.

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