13 April 2014

It's all over now!

No more putting W on the bed and running to go pee...no more trying to change the laundry while W sits peacefully on the floor.

We have a crawler.

He is into everything.  yes, everything.  Oh boy!!!

and he is GOOD at crawling too..he isn't that fast, but he's sturdy and solid.  And he loves finding the outlet covers (which I should have baby-proofed YESTERDAY), the edge of the stone fireplace (OUCH!) and love pulling up on the dresser knobs.  He's fascinated with them.

Can you believe he was pulling up on things before he was crawling?  And now he's crawling. 

Where is my baby?

You know what else this means? 

It's not over now..it's JUST getting started.  And I love watching him learn about the world around him.  He's so curious about everything.

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