08 April 2014

Anatomy of a meltdown

What was life like before little W?  I seriously cannot remember what I used to do with all my time!  Besides walk up and down every single aisle in Target or sleep until 11am.. I can't seem to remember what else I did. ha!  

Life around here keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.  We are in full blown spring mode...hoping to spend most of our days outside when we aren't battling the freakin' wasps that are swarming our porch.  UGH i hate those things.  I've killed like 10 or 12 in like two days.  I am loving the warmer weather though, and I planted my garden last weekend.  Maybe this year it will not rain as much and we will have some great produce.   All the rain killed most of the plants because they couldn't breathe!  


Winslow thinks it is funny to have a full blown grown up hissy fit when it's time to get out of the bathtub lately.  He grins and talks and squeals in his adorable little bath towel and then the second it's time to put on PJ's and a diaper...his little world is ending.  Like arching his back exorcism screams..I didn't even know screams like this could come out of something so little.  So I try to hold his hips down on the changing table all the while, W is trying to grab the picture frames off the walls and the lamp and it takes me like 2 minutes just to get his diaper on.  Then the lotion I try to put on his little legs and arms might as well be spreadable fire ants because he continues to scream and meltdown straight to the floor.  After lotion time, it's time for his pajamas...whoever thought it was a good idea to invent the PJs that snap instead of  zip have NEVER had children.   Lord, for some reason the snaps never align and he is flailing around like a wet cat and then i have to resnap them because I missed a snap...can you tell this has happened before?

There's the anantomy of a meltdown..which happens almost nightly.  Other than that, he rarely cries.  I still consider myself lucky.  and i still consider him the best boy in the universe. :) 

This boy is INTO everything and will not sit still for more than .5 seconds...see below:


He is ALMOST full blown crawling..he will crawl a few feet and then decide it's way easier to army crawl so he does that.  Hehe.. he is my boy and he is precious.  I love him.

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