22 March 2014

When Grandma comes, baby gets spoiled.

My beautiful mom spent TEN whole days with us and man, do I miss her already.  She loved on my boy, bossed me around (in a good way), and cooked and cleaned! What more can you ask for?  And by bossing me around, I mean she helped me with some house projects and when I wanted to slack off, she gently encouraged me to get with the program. ha!

Take a look at our week together:

Painting the front porch!
She brought her little "runt dog" as I call her.  Little miss Rosie Pearl.  She's a MESS. 

She loved to nuzzle in my shirt and sleep.  She's crazy. 


We repainted the front porch and the front door.  It looks awesome now!

Isn't she GORGEOUS!


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