27 March 2014

7 things.

1.  It's past my bedtime.  and it's only 9:19pm.  I've been in bed since 8:45 and of course this freakin' computer made me stay up.  (Thanks Pinterest, Instagram and Lightroom)  I've been getting in bed no earlier than 11 every single night lately, and it SUCKS when W wakes up at 3-4 to eat...little does he know that night time feeding is about to go bye bye.  #wishmeluckplease

2.  We are going to a wedding this weekend.  Hubby is off Saturday (PRAISE THE LORD) and I bought Winslow the cutest outfit ever. Think:  Janie and Jack chambray beret, green chinos, white oxford, navy striped bow-tie... hello cutie.  Also,  I have a hot date Saturday morning.  With Starbucks and TARGET.  by MYSELF.  I shall walk every single aisle.  Multiple times. 

3.  I am going to be rocking' a once piece this summer.  and I'm a-ok with it.  and it has polka dots and ruching.  What more could you want? It's from Polo Ralph Lauren.

4.  I need to branch out in how I style my hair...here is how I currently do it:  Straight  or in a boring pony tail...I will curl it once every blue moon, but I need some easy tutorials for THICK long hair.  Anyone got any?

5.  Winslow is at such a FUN age right now.  He's almost 8 months (GASP) and he is into everything already.  He can crawl/scoot backwards, pull up on things, scream with excitement all day long, and he just smiles at us nonstop.  When I walk in the door after I get off work, the second he sees me, he squeals.  It melts my heart into a gigantic puddle.  This boy is going to be crawling soon.  SOON.  Oh boy, am I in for it.

6.   I am already planning his first birthday.  WHAT.  Yeah, I'm crazy.  and you better believe it'll have a fox or two in it...I've made my pinterest boards private so no one can see them except me.  HA!  I know, I'm ridiculous.  I also want to order a custom cloth diaper for him to wear.  Does that make me extra crunchy?

7.  I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to sleep in without waking up ever again.  Is that bad of me to think that?  I mean, this morning after W woke up around 6:45, I nursed him (praying he would go back to sleep in our bed for at least 30 minutes..yeah, didn't happen) so Seth took him and let me sleep for another hour.  it was glorious.  But since we want more kiddos sooner rather than later, I'll pretty much always have babies in my life for the next several years...which I am so excited for and love the thought of it, but I really did take for granted those days I slept in until NOON when I was pregnant. ha!  I can bet $100 that won't happen when I get pregnant next time.  I'll have a toddler running into my bedroom when the sun comes up.  But I can't wait for those days either.  You can sleep when you're old, right? (Well, then you'll probably not be able to due to overactive bladder or something like that)

Goodnight!  Must.go.to.bed.

yes, he's eating my toe.  no, that's not sanitary. 

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  1. Lol, I've got a private babyroom ideas board on pinterest and I'm not even pregnant, so you planning your baby boy's first bday is not weird at all :).

    I'll be keeping an eye if anyone has any ideas for your no.4, I've got the same problem. I've got loads of long think heavy hair. It's either straight or in a ponytail. Curls won't stick, can't easily do an updo because that mostly starts with 1 ponytail but then the updo is too heavy and pulling my head backwards.

    Cute baby boy :).