19 March 2014

7 months!

Weight: 20 pounds 10 ounces
Height: 29 inches

Nicknames: W, Win, Monkey, Little Fella, Little Bear

Eating: Two little teethies..and they like to bite me.  That's all I'm saying and it's NOT pleasant.  I need advice from other momma's on how to keep his little teeth from biting his momma.  ANYWAY, he loves food. This little boy can eat.  We've been doing a mix of baby led weaning and homemade purees and he likes everything except green peas.  It's more of a texture thing than anything because i can't get them smooth enough..but he loves sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, avocado, oatmeal, mangos, and we will start some mandarin oranges and other fruits soon!  

 Sleeping: Ahhh sleep...this little boy has a mind of his own.  He slept through the night twice last month and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Now, he loves waking up at 10:30 and 4am..the 10:30pm wake up is not so fun.  He is an UNHAPPY camper..nothing will settle him unless he gets mommy's milk.  The 4am one is just a little grunt here and there..with a squall or two but i'm REALLLLLLY hoping this 10:30 business goes away.  I can handle one early morning feeding...  

Diapers: Cloth diapers.  And I just ordered him a HOT pink one.  I had to.  It was so cute.  :)


Clothing: 12 month clothes...squeezing him into 9 months sometimes but mostly he wears 12 month and I even put him in 12-18 month stuff and he sometimes fits in them.  Geez, we have a big boy on our hands.

Social:He can now clap..it's the cutest thing in the world.  He LOVES daddy in the mornings, and loves his momma and anyone else that will talk to him. He likes to make a motor boat sound and loves blowing bubbles.    he is always so happy and pleasant and he has a mind of his own.  If we take his toys away real quick he will let out a big disapproving squal.  Ha!  He is ALMOST crawling too.  he can scoot to where he needs to go and gets up on all fours occasionally.  He will be there soon.  I can't believe it.

Likes: Being tickled on his ribs, kisses under his neck,  bathtime, rolling around everywhere, pounding toys on the table, squishing Darla's head, standing up with assistance, chewing on his feet and hands and anything else he can get into his mouth, pulling momma's hair, Sophie the Giraffe

: changing clothes, getting out of the bath, sometimes naps, getting his diaper changed,

What we're looking forward to:  My mom is in town and she is loving him up.  It's wonderful.  

  Milestones/ things to remember: Clapping, sitting up really good,  eatings lot of different foods, loving his new bathtub,

We love you so much, Winslow!! You have so much personality and we cannot wait to watch you grow!  
Look how big you've gotten!  

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