04 February 2014

He's growing up.

This past weekend was a big weekend for us! Winslow had his first taste of "food!"  I was sooo sad and happy at the same time because I am excited to introduce so many yummy things to him, but sad because he no longer depends on his mommy 100% for nourishment.  We started with something really "bland" just to test his readiness and boy was he ready.  He ate it all, didn't spit it out or gag at all, and he loved it!  

We started him on baby oatmeal mixed with mommy's milk with a dash of cinnamon.  

Look at my cutie pie!  (Yes the tag is still attached to the highchair. I wasn't sure that I liked it yet, but of course,  I am keeping it now that we've used it.) 

I can't believe he is growing up SOOOO fast!  It's such a bittersweet thing, growing a child.  One second you are so stinkin' happy he's sitting up, or starting to crawl, or eating food, and the next second you are crying because you have no idea where the past 6 months went!?


I guess I'll just have to keep having babies forever, right?  ;)  (Mom, don't answer that)

(And we haven't fed him anymore food since the weekend because I am working full time this week (UGH) and I wanted to be home more of the day so I could watch him for allergies) 

Moving on to apples this weekend!

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