06 February 2014

Dear Winslow

Dear Winslow,

You have been changing so much recently I'm not even sure I know what's going on!  It's like you woke up, decided to sit up on your own (you're ALMOST there), get two bottom teeth (they are poking through a tiny iny bit) and decided that playing in your exersaucer is so much fun.  It's so crazy to see how much you take in when you just look around.  It's like you are growing into such a little boy and you're no longer the baby that we came home with.  You are so good at looking at us when we say your name and  you always let us know when you don't like something.

You are so full of energy it amazes me.  Naptimes are short, but you are never grumpy when you're awake.  My favorite moments of the day are when you wake up and right before you go to bed.  When you get up in the morning, you give me the biggest smile in the world.  You'll squeal and talk and smile all morning.  Then it's naptime and sometimes you like it and sometimes you don't. 

You're kind of like your momma. 

When it's time to go to bed, I've been taking a bath with you in the big bathtub.  Seeing your little face light up when you splash in the water brings me so much joy.  I will move your little chunky baby legs up and down the bathtub and you'll just smile and take it all in.  You love it so much.  You DON'T love when bathtime is over though.  You'll throw a little hissy fit now.  It's cute because sometimes when you cry, you're putting on a show..momma can tell. 

You sleep on your tummy now that you can roll over.  When I put you in your crib, you'll talk to yourself for like .2 seconds, roll over on your belly, and you're out.  It's the cutest thing in the world when I go check on you and your little booty is in the air. 

I even take a picture of you because one day, I'm going to blink and you'll be 18 years old.  What?

I love you so much, dear boy. 

We started babyfood last week too.  You gobbled it up like you were starving (even though you ate like 5 minutes before that)  I think it's safe to say, you're gonna have a big appetite and eat an ENTIRE box of cereal for dinner like my brothers used to do.  We are going to start with some sweet potatoes or avacado this weekend.  It's  fun to see how much you are exploring and growing every single day.

The squeals and screams that you do remind me of myself.  If you talk to LaLa,  she will be the FIRST to tell you  I was a LOUD child.  I think you may take after me in that aspect.  You love to exercise your lungs...but you're never mad! I can count on one hand the amount of times you've been REALLY upset since you've been born.

You are SUCH a joy, little one.

I hope I never forget the smell of your sweet little baby fuzz head.  I hope I never forget the grunting sound you make right before you go to bed.  Or that you love pounding your toys with your right hand, but not your left.  Or that you get mad at me when I try to feel of your little two teeth in your mouth.  Oh man, I could go on and on how perfect God made you.  I am so lucky to be your momma. 

The way you hold my hand when you nurse.  Or the way you love to stand up and those little thunder thighs with all the dimples and rolls are just asking to be pinched or squished.  Or when I blow air on them, you squeal with delight.

You love when daddy kisses you under the neck, you get the biggest smile and you laugh pretty loud.  I still think you're a lazy laugher though, because we haven't gotten but one or two huge belly laughs.  It'll come though, it'll come.  We just aren't funny enough. 

I love you so much, Winslow Jones.  I never want you to grow up.  Just when I think I can't ever love you any more, I do.  It's like God gives me a tiny bit more of love each day I wake up.  It's incredible. 

You are loved. You are loved. 

-Your momma

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