30 January 2014


Two snows in the past week?  Wow- what is this? Chicago? ;)

We got snow last week and we were so excited to let Winslow experience his first "snow"...but then this week we've had over five inches!

Snow like that shuts down the south...

This was from the first "dusting."

And these were from the big snow!  Winslow wasn't that interested in making snow angels, although that little double chin did make me melt. 

He also gave me the stink eye when I "let" him taste snow.  No thanks, mom! 

Darla, on the other hand has had the time of her life! She loves rolling around and playing fetch.  She acts so funny in the snow, and will run as fast as she can and then do a nose dive.  

 She even brought me the paper! Good girl.

 Look at my cutie in his plaid coveralls and boots.  ;)
It was a fun few days, but now I'm ready for warmer weather..

Springtime, anyone?  

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