21 January 2014

Winslow's first trip to the Lone Star State!

Finally getting a chance to write about the second half of our vacation:  Our trip to Texas.  This post is mostly photos... I hope you won't get bored.  If you do, oh well.. no one made you scroll through them all.  So there.

 Wanslow?  Really? 

Some of these photos are from our flight from NC to my mom's house, but they were too cute not to share.  I can't explain how great he did on all FIVE flights.  Sure he got fussy for a little while, but not once did he have a big fit.  I am so proud! :)

 The first night we were there, he hadn't slept in like four hours, but he was still so happy and giggly so we stopped by my grandmother's house to let her meet him.  She is 88, y'all.  Look how beautiful she is! She loved him, of course, and sang him a few songs in French.  (She's from France and that is partly why Winslow has a French middle name (Prevost-prounced Prey-voe.))
 He met his Great Aunt Beth...whom we all adore.

 My dad.  He loves his grandson.  And they look a lot alike. 
 My meme and her daughter, my Aunt Mary.  She drove in from Dallas to meet Winslow.  (Over 3 hours!)
 Winslow also met my BEST FRIEND since 4th grade.  She now has two beautiful babies.  It's tough getting a decent picture with three squirming babes..haha.. ya'll, this is real life.

 Asher (8 months) and Winslow (4.5 months)

 This one makes me laugh.

 "I see you eyeing my toy" -Winslow
 "Get your hands off, bud."  -Winslow
 "MINE!" -Asher
And you thought we didn't have any redneck in us?  See below:

 My view from the living room. hahah!

 My brother and Winsow. 
My stepsister and Winslow.

Hubby and a goat. haha.  

My two Aunts, Tia and Sharon..they loved him.

 My older brother clearly can't take a good photo.

 First time to ever dress a baby.  No joke, he had no idea what to do.

 My beautiful cousin, Halley and her two babies. 

 Yes that is Winslow riding a goat. 

 My fat cat, Waldo.  He's 12 y'all.  That's crazy.
 We also shot skeet.  And I was clearly RUSTY....didn't even hit one clay pigeon..but then again, i only shot a handful of times. :)

A zillion and one photos.  You're welcome.  And you're probably bored.  

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