15 January 2014

Winslow's First Flight and our trip to Alabama!

Last week, we went on a big trip, consisting of FIVE airplane rides over the span of 8 days.

We first flew to Alabama to spend 4 days with my mom and stepdad.  We had a wonderful time and I'll just share some photos instead of a long boring story about our time.  

 The Ergo SAVED me on this trip.  W loves it, and it makes me handsfree so I can carry my luggage.  It was wonderful. 

 Taking a little nap before the first plane ride. 

 Winslow did GREAT for the most part, the first plane was probably the worst trip, but he only got upset for like 10 minutes becuase he was sleepy and couldn't get comfy.  Finally he did, and he slept until we landed.   The flight was only about an hour and a half long.
We got to Alabama and had a wonderful time. It was SO cold most of the trip there, so we stayed inside mostly, but mom and Gerard got to love on him a whole bunch.

We all know he was the center of attention the whole time...no one cares about us anymore. ;) hehe

 This photo make me laugh: he looks like the Michelin Man!
 They just got a little sweet puppy named Rosie.  She's a dapple short haired dachshund.

 ALWAYS chewing on those hands.

 Had his first bath in the sink!  Just chillin' in the hot tub...he loved it.

 Love this photo of Papa Skid and W.  He was grabbing his nose. hah!

 Chewing on my hands again, mom!

 Those blue eyes.

He clearly loves his LaLa.

 Another happy bathtime photo and another happy puppy photo.

 The only thing that pretty much STUNK was the time change...we moved back an hour so Winslow was up READY TO ROLL AT pretty much 5:30am....not fun.  He usually sleeps until 7:30 or so, but his internal time clock wasn't working... Silly boy. ;)

We had a wonderful wonderful time and can't wait to see ya'll again soon.

Stay tuned for a post about the second half of our week:  Our trip to Texas!

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