22 January 2014

It's important to me.

While cleaning out my closet this evening....I had a novel idea.

What if we put our phones down?  What if we didn't check instagram, facebook, or pinterest every ten minutes?  (Which I will be the first to admit I am guilty of doing). What if we actually spent QUALITY time with our family/children/friends? 

The story that got me to thinking was one my father in law told...

"Saw a parent and a child of about 8 years old dining last night in Subway. Parent was on the phone texting or whatever through the entire meal. Child was trying to have a conversation, and was ignored. An occasional grunt, but no eye contact. 

I am nowhere near perfect, and I know that when raising my children, I often had other things on the mind, and did not give them my full attention, I am so glad that I did not have a "smart phone" then. And kinda makes me wish I did not have one now.

That is all."

We are growing up in a world now where the smart phone literally replaces true friendships.  It's replacing one-on-one time with our children, our spouses, and the ones most important to us.  

This makes me sad! S-A-D.  

How many times a day do I click on Facebook or instagram while playing with Winslow?  Too many.  Way too many.  Why?  Because it's easy to do.  It's easy to check up on friends without even calling them or letting them know you care.  Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have realized how easy it is to become a "slave" to technology.

  I do NOT want to be that mom at the park who doesn't once look up to make sure their child is there. 

I do NOT want to be that friend who just texts someone once a month to say "Hope you're doing well."

I do NOT want to be that spouse that says "I love you" in a text, but not in person.

I do NOT want to be that mom who chooses to update my status instead of coloring with my toddler.  

And most importantly, I NEVER want my children to think I would rather play with my "smart phone" than spend time with them.

So I am starting today.  I will put down my phone while I play with Winslow.  I will not even pick it up to "check instagram to see how many people liked my photo."  I am really going to try hard at this, y'all.  It's important to me to not become enslaved.  

And before you think I've over-reacting....I'm not.  I'm just simply choosing to be  "present" with my friends and family.  To really hear them instead of listening while checking facebook. To look my husband in the eyes when he's telling me about his day instead of over the top of my iPad.  

Now, I'm not saying I'll NEVER EVER pick my phone up while I'm with my son or my husband.  I am just wanting to make a better effort to be intentional with them.  That's all.

It's important to me.  And I'm gonna try my darnedest to show that.   

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