18 December 2013

Winslow's ornaments

I love ornaments and I really love them when they have a special story behind them.  Every year, hubby and I get each other an ornament and this year was especially fun getting lots of different ones for Winslow!  Here's a few that I've gotten or bought and I can't wait to have a million more! Obsessed much? 

My newborn photographer sent me this one in the mail today and I was NOT expecting this at all!! It almost made me cry.  I love this photo.
My MIL gave me this one.  How cute are we?  ;)
I made salt dough ornaments of little W's hands and although Darla decided she wanted to eat one ( I left them sitting on the coffee table overnight)  I made several and she only ate one.  They had a CUP of salt in them, so I'm sure her tummy was hurting quite a bit afterwards. Sheesh!
My grandparents got Winslow this cowboy.  Maybe one day he'll be a true Texan cowboy!
These little baby booties are too sweet.
And of course I had to get W a fox.  I can't believe I didn't get him anything with foxes on it for Christmas- it's not too late to keep shopping though!

My MIL also got Winslow this one.

I think I need a much bigger tree next year, honey!  (at least ten feet tall!)

Merry Christmas!

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