03 December 2013

The hustle and bustle


When people tell you that times flies, BELIEVE them. 

Between going back to work, dropping the kiddo off at my MILs every day, trying to cook, keep the house looking halfway decent, Christmas shopping, laundry, decorating for the holidays, cooking for Thanksgiving, and trying to still have time for my hubby....I AM SPENT!

It's a good thing, I reckon.  I choose to look at it as being extremely blessed.  To have a wonderful job that allowed me to move to part time hours, to have a WONDERFUL mother in law willing to keep my child every day, to spending time with family for the holidays...although I would love a week to relax at the beach with a margarita the size of Texas, I am so thankful and grateful for all that's going on.

But, this little space here on the interwebs has not been on my mind at all.  And I think that's a good thing.. I needed to just forget about television (I've miss the last THREE weeks of The Walking Dead!) and being on the computer all the time.

Having a baby has taught me to slow down.  He makes me stop and breathe.  I love that.  Like, when we nurse, I have to pay attention to him and nothing else.  And I use that time to pray and thank God for letting me be Winslow's momma.

So...here's a little life update, and in the coming weeks, I hope to be a little better at updating. :) 

Winslow got his picture made with Santa.  And this photo makes me laugh because they are totally making the same face.  HA!
We also celebrated the 1st birthday of my bestie's little one, Ryder.  He had a cowboy party and oh my word was it adorable.

He was pretty excited to partake in the Thanksgiving festivities.
We had some of our friends over for a Thanksgiving feast.
And once the babe went to bed, we enjoyed an evening outside near the firepit.

AND we got our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving day.  It was killing me not to get it sooner since Thanksgiving was so late this year, but alas, it's up and beautiful. I'll post photos of the Christmas decor this week!


And I will also be sharing what we're getting the little one for Christmas too! Stay tuned!



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