31 December 2013

Dear Winslow,

The last post of 2013 little one!!

I can't believe this year is over.  This was one of the BEST years of my life...and it's mostly because of YOU!! We announced you were coming into the world on New Years Eve last year and this year we got to celebrate with you (even though you went to bed at 7pm) ;)

We can't imagine our lives without you in it, it's like you were always supposed to be in it.  You fit perfectly into our family. 

Today was hard.  You decided you didn't really need any naps today.  And that caused a little grumpiness and some crying from you.  It broke my heart because I know you were so sleepy, but you wouldn't go to sleep.  I think you were just exhausted.  I prayed for you when you went to bed and I know that tomorrow will be a lot better.  We will have hard days, Winslow.  But that's the beauty of grace.  The Lord allows us to start over with no condemnation or guilt.  We can start a fresh new day.  I am grateful for that.

Some of my most favorite things you do lately that I do NOT want to forget:

When you nurse, you now touch my face.  You are exploring so much now and I just stare at you and smile so big because those blue eyes of yours just melt me.   You will grab my nose, my lips, my eyes.  It's precious. 

When you're going to sleep, you make this groaning sound.  It's not an upset sound or a happy sound..it's just a sound you make in your throat.  I love it.  You do it in your carseat and when you're heading to bed for the night. 

You love to stand up now.   (With me helping you, of course)  It's like you're showing everyone how strong you are. 

You are sleeping like a champ, most nights.  You'll be alseep by 7:15 and wake up once to eat (around 4-4:30) and then back down again until 7:30.  It's a dream, really. You do have your nights where you're up more, but most of the time you sleep great.

Your favorite toys right now are your exersaucer, some squishy building blocks your " Aunt Granny" got you, and Socks the Fox.  

We love you so much and CANNOT wait to see you grow in 2014. 



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