31 December 2013

A Year in Review

And just like that, 2013 is gone.  Can you believe it?  Parts of this year seemed to have gone by so slow (Like when I saw the FOURTY FIRST week of my pregnancy (and then some!))  and then parts of it have FLOWN by (like the fact my son is OVER FOUR MONTHS OLD!)

People tell you, "Savor every moment" and boy am I trying.  I swear Winslow was just born yesterday. ANYWAY,  Let's do a recap of my favorite memories from this year, shall we?

1. January 1, 2013- We started off the year right by announcing our pregnancy.  We had all of our closest friends over for a NYE party and told them all at once.  It was so much fun and surreal to actually share the wonderful news of a baby.

2.  March 2013-  We celebrated our last hoorah as a couple by visiting Miami and attending the Sony Open Tennis Tournament.  

3. Summer- Growing larger by the day, I spent the summer gardening (a little bit, but mostly I would just watch it slowly die), and counting down the days until my little one would make his arrival.

4. August- This was THE month . The month that would change everything.  I was so excited and anxious to meet my son and when August 9th came around, I just new it would be anyday.  But no, he made me wait a LONG NINE more days.  Those days were painful.  I remember praying all the time "Lord please let me have this baby. "  I didn't think I could grow any bigger, oh but I did.  

5. August 18-  The DAY that changed my life.  After just 4 hours in the hospital, my son was born.  I had a very wonderful delivery and forgot about those 9 days he made me wait.  It was perfect.  

6. The past four months have been the hardest, most rewarding of my life.  I never ever knew my heart could hold so much love for one being.  Oh, but it does.  

2013 was my year.  My year to learn about patience, love, and being a mom.  It's been so wonderful and I can only imagine how much better 2014 will be.  

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