31 December 2013

2014 Goals...

Because who doesn't love to make lists?

1.  Be more patient.  I thought I was good at this, and then...BAM, I had a child.  I really want to do my best to love my husband better by being more patient. And in return, I will be more pleasant to live with.  It's a win-win kind of deal.  

2.  Organize the trillion photos I have online.   This makes me want to barf...but I need a better organizing system.  They are currently all in lightroom or in the mac photo library thing...with no order at all.  Lord, help me.   (And by trillion...i really do mean HUNDREDS of photos.)

3.  Learn how to shoot in manual.  I need to get better with my camera...I have a child, and every cute little thing he does needs to be documented. Duh.

4.  Cook more.  I used to be good at this one...but then I had a kid.  and worked 4 days a week.  and have a husband who works late at night.  So yeah, let's try to be better at this, mmkay? 

5.  Give more.  We tithe at our church, and I love doing that, but I want to give to others more.  The other day, I paid for the person behind me at Starbucks.  It was only $4, but it really felt soooooo good to do that for them.  It made my heart smile.  I want to do more of that this next year. And I also want to send packages to friends and call/text more encouraging words. 

6. Worry less.    Well...this one will only happen with LOTS of prayer.  And boy this one will probably be the hardest. 

7.  Document more of the everyday things.  I need to pull my REAL camera out more and not my iphone...but dang, an iphone is so convenient.  I want to have real good photos of my little man though.  I need to have it with me more.  Because then I could get sweet moment like this capture more often:

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  1. I love your list! Thank you for your sweet blog comment. I wish we lived closer so we could actually meet in person and learn to shoot in manual together because Lord knows I need help.