18 November 2013

Winslow is three months!


Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 25.5 inches

Nicknames: Win, Winsy, W, Little Fella, Monkey

Eating: Little man usually eats around every 3 hours...sometimes less and sometimes more..but it usually stays close to the 3 hours mark.  He was getting up just once to eat around 4am but last week he got his first cold and wanted to eat more.  Sometimes he would get up 2 times to eat.  He is pretty quick at nursing now and we are getting good at nursing in the car when we are out and about.

Sleeping: Sleep...oh, sleep.  This month he slept wonderfully except for the one week he was sick.  He had some congestion and woke up 3-5 times at night for a week.  It like to killed me, ha!  He is getting better and has starting only waking up once to eat now instead of 2 or 3 times but now he will wake up around 3:30-4:30 and then go back down for two hours before he's ready to start the day!  So he wakes up around 6:45 and I'm not ready to wake up that early yet! haha..but come Monday, i'll be getting up at six.  I have to go back to work.  :( :( :( 
Time for my pity party.  
But anyway,  sleep has been decent this month.  Naps are still on and off...my mom came to visit and he napped WONDERFULLY the whole week she was here...then when she left, he wouldn't nap worth a flip..He must miss his grandma!  He naps great when I'm holding him (of course) but when I put him on our bed or in his pack and play, he'll wake up within 30 minutes. Argh.  Hopefully this next month he will get better at napping.

Diapers: This month we did the big switcharoo to cloth diapers.  I am SOLD.  I love them.  I bought a stash of around 30 diapers that consist of BumGenius, Happy Heinys, and Fuzzibuns.  I am partial to BG, but like them all.  He has NO blowouts and only leaked a few times but that was user error.  I don't think I put the diaper on tight enough and it leaked out the leg opening.  But  I love cloth diapers and the laundry doesn't even phase me really.  We still use disposables at night due to the fact that I haven't bought the right night time inserts for his diapers yet, but I'm getting them real soon.  :)  I've even used cloth when we are out and about..it's not hard!

Clothing: Wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothes...and for pants he wears 6 months due to his fluffy bum!

Social: He is a smiling machine! He LOVES to smile at his daddy and it makes me a tad bit jealous! ;)  He will smile at me too a lot, but once his daddy gets home from work, he's giggly and smiling like crazy.  He has been cooing a lot this month, and will let out this dinosaur scream that is adorable.  It sounds like it should be on Jurassic Park. He is talking so much more this month than last and he can track us when we walk around the room.  He has a favorite toy who we named Mr. Lion and he LOVES smiling and talking to him.  It's the most adorable thing in the world. 
Likes: He still LOVES bathtime, he loves his playmat, being in just his diaper, chewing on his hands. DROOLING like crazy, and being bashful.  When I talk to him, his eyes will light up and he does this little thing where he turns his head away like he's bashful.  He loves Mr. Lion, his daddy, and kicking his legs in the air. 

Dislikes: hiccups, sometimes his car seat, being held like a baby, burping,

What we're looking forward to: all the wonderful Holidays!!  Christmas, visiting family, eating lots of great food
Milestones/ things to remember: He has started to laugh a tiny bit..smiles all day, kicks his legs like crazy and brings them up to his midsection, coos and screams, 
Trips/Outings: Target of course, Hobby Lobby, Southpoint mall in Durham, church, walks with Darla.
Look how I've grown!

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