01 November 2013

Five on Friday!

Hey y'all!!! This week has been wonderful- Since my time is dwindling until I go back to work, I'm soaking up every single second with my sweet babe.  Here are five things that's make this momma happy this week:

1. Halloween.  Would you look at us?  ha! I debated for so long whether or not to dress up as a family, and the day before I decided to...and that's why our costumes are a little... ghetto homemade looking.  ;)

 We stayed home and greeted the little kids for a little while until it was time for W's bedtime.  Wanna know something crazy?  I never really watched Charlie Brown when I was growing up...but I think we look pretty cute anyway!  I also never watched Winnie the Pooh...I was weird, I guess. 

2. Cloth diapers!  I ordered a stash of Cloth Diapers and they arrived this week.  I am so excited to use them and a little overwhelmed.  Any momma's out there that use them, please feel free to give me any advice! I think Winslow approves!

3.  Fall.  I just love fall..the leaves, pumpkins, hot cocoa....and of course, the cool weather.  Those photos were taken in the fall of 2011.  They are some of my favorites. 

4.  Working part-time...I just found out this week that my current employer is allowing me to work part time now.  PRAISE THE LORD.  No really, this is a HUGE answered prayer because there is no way I can leave Winslow that much.  For all you full-time working moms:  I salute you!  You are AWESOME.

5. My little guy...just because.  He makes all my days sweet. 

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I think y'all look great in your Charlie Brown costumes!

    YAY for working PT!