19 November 2013

Back to work.

Yesterday was my first day back at work.

and man, was it hard. 

I thought I would keep it together and be okay since I am working part-time...but that didn't really work out.

I called my mom (because moms make everything better) at 6 in the morning crying saying "I can't go to work, I can't go to work"  but alas, I did.

I dropped off little W at my MIL's house and he was happy and smiling when I left.  Then on the way to work, I called hubby bawling my eyes out.  I didn't realize the emotions that came over me when I left.  But it's normal and okay to cry like that. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed.  I am doing what it best for our family in the phase of our life, and although my dream is to stay at home one day and homeschool (possibly), right now this is just a season.

A season where I'll drop little W off with the best Grammy in the world.  He will be loved on all day and I'll be back to snatch him up just 5-6 hours later. 

I'm really blessed to have family close by that will sacrifice their time to care for him. 

The only bump in the road is that he will still not take a bottle.  He went almost 6 hours on Monday without eating and boy did that stress me out.  I know he will be fine, but I still don't like the think of my little man not eating when I'm not there...but today was better..he didn't take a bottle but he did eat over 2 ounces of milk from a SPOON! Hah! Yes, a spoon! Isn't that crazy?

My sweet MIL took the time to spoon feed him over 2 ounces of milk.  He was happy the entire time and when she would raise the spoon up to his mouth, he would open wide and smile! Crazy little boy. 

So we've been playing with the bottle this evening in hopes that he will get used to it. (although i really have tried every bottle and tip in the book)  He sucked on it this evening...we will see and I am continuing to pray he will learn to take it..or learn to take a sippy cup..SOMETHING!

Babies really do have a mind of their own..and although I find it flattering that he prefers his momma, it would make it easier on all parties if he took a bottle.  ;)  

{Side note:  Winslow took a bottle great with no problems when he was smaller..I gave him a bottle 3-4 times and then went over a month without giving it to him again..so please no negative comments about how I should have started introducing the bottle sooner, or I shouldn't have waited that long...nothing can be changed about the situation and I don't want any advice that isn't uplifting.}  :)

I have googled the situation like crazy and it's comforting to know that a handful of breastfed babies won't take bottles easily.  I have no doubt that he will EVENTUALLY take one (maybe?) or a sippy cup..but he's not the ONLY baby in the world who is stubborn and won't take one. Just like him learning to breastfeed, it may take some time for him to get it down.

Anyway.  I am praying he will learn to take one and if you wanna say a little prayer too, that'd be awesome! 

I am off tomorrow (YAY) and so is hubby (and it's his BIRTHDAY) so we are going to celebrate as a family and I'm taking him out to lunch.  (He has class in the PM).

It's just a season, it's just a season...


  1. Hi sweet girl. I know going back to work is just so hard, especially with the added stress of the bottle situation. I nannied for years, and my last baby wouldn't take a bottle for the first few days. What eventually worked for us was "setting the mood." I would lower the lights, turn on soothing music and rock with him in a lazy for for about 5-10 minutes before offering him the bottle. And then I'd just be as persistent as needed. He eventually drank--and as the days went on he got accustomed to the new routine and ate just fine. I really hope something works out for you soon for the sake of your stress level---but let me assure you--when he is starving, he will eat. It will just take time. Praying for peace on your heart in this situation and patience for your MIL. <3. He will eat. I promise.

  2. The boy just knows what he wants!
    We had problems at one point with the bottle, too! We found that he was no happy with how we were warming it up. So we started putting hot, hot water in a cup and placing the bottle in it. Then about 5 minutes later, dumping the water out and putting more hot hot water in it and putting the bottle back. We did a few times before feeding it to him and it helped a ton. I guess it was maybe warmed better and felt more like nursing. Praying for all in this situation. He is doing great!