18 October 2013

Winslow is two months!

Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces...this is probably not his EXACT weight because I weighed him on my scale at home.  His 2 month check up is next week.

Height:24 1/4 inches

Nicknames: Win, Winsy, W, Peanut, Little Fella

Eating: Nursing is going great- he has this down to an art!  He nurses anywhere from 10-15 minutes-he's very efficient! He wakes up once around 4:30-5 to eat and then is right back to sleep.  Breastfeeding is so much easier this second month- I finally feel like I get it now.  W thinks the same thing.  The other night I was nursing him before bedtime and he would stop, look up at me, and smile. It melted my heart, for sure.  He did this for like thirty minutes and at first I was annoyed because I wanted him to get to bed (it was nearing 10!) but then it was so darn cute, I couldn't help but love it. He NEVER spits up and I am thankful for that- this boy likes to keep his groceries!

Sleeping: Man oh man..this little man loves to sleep at night- I am soooo thankful.  Since he was about 32 days old (the day after he turned a month old) he started sleeping around 7 hours!  And this has been the case every single night since then.  He will go to bed between nine and nine thirty and wake up around 4:30-5:00 to eat.  It's GLORIOUS.  He has a quick feeding (even if he's still awake, he doesn't like to eat more than 10-12 minutes) and sometimes he will fall asleep nursing.  This nighttime feeding is my favorite part of the day.  It's just me and him, no noises, no distractions..I love it.  So once he is done eating, he goes back down and will wake up around 8.  I'm slowly pushing his bedtime earlier and hope to have it around 8-8:30 before I go back to work in a month.  But this momma is so lucky that little W sleeps so well.  Thanks, W!  Now as far as napping goes during the day...this is getting to be a little challenging.  A couple weeks ago, he would nap 4 times a day and usually for 1 to 1.5 hours.  For the past coulple weeks, I'm lucky if I get a solid hour nap from him.  He still does take four naps, but they are short and not as restful.  Of course, he sleeps GREAT on his momma, so lately I've been letting him nap on me, but don't want to make that a habit!  He only little once though, right?  


Diapers: Wearing size one diapers.  We switched to those when he was 5 weeks old.  We've been using Pampers and Huggies, but Huggies tend to smell a little more than Pampers.  He's also had a few blowouts this month- nothing huge, but still annoying to change his clothes three times a day.  We tried Wal-Mart brand diapers (Parent's Choice) and they suck.  Won't ever buy those again.  Target's are nice but Pampers and Huggies I can always get for cheap with coupons and sales.  He hardly ever has gas anymore, so that's great. 

Clothing: I sure did have to put away a ton of newborn clothes over the past couple weeks- it made me kind of sad! He is wearing mostly 3 month clothes now because all the 0-3 are too short; I can barely snap them.  He has a couple newborn outfits that still fit him..how? I have no idea except that they must be missized. haha..this boy is CHUNKY. 

Social: He is a smiling machine! He LOVES to smile at his daddy and it makes me a tad bit jealous! ;)  He will smile at me too a lot, but once his daddy gets home from work, he's giggly and smiling like crazy.  He has been cooing a lot this month, and will let out this dinosaur scream that is adorable.  It sounds like it should be on Jurassic Park. 
Likes: He still loves the ceiling fan, he LOVES bathtime and has started to splash a lot.  He kicks his legs a good bit.  He loves nursing, smiling at daddy, going on walks, napping on momma, chewing on his hands, his playmat


Dislikes:still hates getting swaddled (but he sleeps a zillion times better with it, so I am not giving it up), starting to get annoyed with his carseat, hates hiccups, and when it's time to eat and I'm not fast enough. ha!  He also hates naptime it seems..I can't get this babe to sleep for longer than one hour at a time during the day..occasionally if he sleeps ON me, he will sleep for 1.5-2 hours and then I am stuck doing nothing...ah!

What we're looking forward to: cooler weather, possibly a visit from my dad, Thanksgiving and Halloween...
Milestones/ things to remember: He can smile so well now, has found his hands and loves to chew on them, talks to momma and daddy, tracks things with his eyes really great.  He rolled over from his stomach to his back the day after he turned one month old! Has only done it one other time so far, but gets so close sometimes.
Trips/Outings: Target, NC seafood restuarant, my in-laws, the farmer's market, church
Look how much he's grown!

One month update

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  1. Any tips to help newborns sleep at night like Winslow? Are you following a schedule or plan?