15 October 2013

The things we do to our babies.

Looking back, this is a pretty funny story, and if someone would have video taped it, I'm sure it would have won on America's Funniest Videos.  Or maybe it would have started a new series on TV called "What NOT to do as a new parent."

So, as you know, it's getting close to Halloween...and it's also Autumn (duh).  That means pumpkins, hayrides, and cider...all my favorite things.

I've always wanted to have a picture of my little chunker inside a pumpkin..you know, the ones where the little fat babies are smiling and happy?

See exhibit A:

See exhibit B:

See exhibit C:

(All images taken from google pics)

So, it was DESTINED to turn out good for me, right?

I would cut out the pumpkin, stick Winslow in it, and he would smile and coo until I was done taking his photo.


See exhibit D, E, and F:

 He's not so sure...
 and cue the screams and tears...
 I even tried to cut out leg holes for him to make him more comfy?  It didn't work, obvoiusly.

Want to know what's even better about this story?

Hubby was helping me, begrudgingly, and was taking the photos while I was trying to soothe him.. (HA! Soothe a baby in a pumpkin who clearly hated it?  Yeah, good try.)

After about 30 seconds of him screaming we decided the photoshoot was over in case our neighbors decided to call Child Protective Services on us.

And so we tried to take little W out of the pumpkin...didn't happen.

His legs were stuck.


At this time, I was freaking out a little for many reasons..  I am a new parent so I'm supposed to freak out. His legs would forever be stuck in a pumpkin. He would be scarred for life.  He would pass out from being so upset...the list goes on.

So hubby picked up the pumpkin, with baby in it, and sat it on the kitchen table...I had a knife in hand ready to cut the pumpkin open.  (Bad idea)  and thankfully my husband still had some sense because he wouldn't let me use the knife.  He just started tearing the pumpkin apart, while the screaming babe was inside, and I was about to burst into tears because I was so flustered. 

What seemed like an hour of him being "stuck" was really like 30 seconds and he was fine right after we got him out.  His legs weren't really stuck, we just didn't have the right angle to push his legs back inside the pumpkin to take him out.

ha! Now that's a great story to tell him when he's 15.

Want to know the best part?  Hubby had two friends over from out of town who got to witness the whole event.

They told me I wasn't crazy.. but I know they really think so.

The things we do to our babies...goodness gracious.

Note to self:  No more pumpkin pictures.

 Bless. his. little. heart.

Proof that he wasn't too mad after the fact:

 And a snippet of my mom and my conversation:


Good thing he won't remember this. Otherwise he'd always hate Halloween..and his momma.


  1. LOL!! At least you and he both will look back at this and laugh!!!

  2. I've wanted to do this with my baby, too! But after seeing your post, I might have changed my mind! lol Crying babies in pumpkins are cute, too :-)

  3. Oh my goodness this is awesome!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. I literally just laughed until tears were flowing while reading this account!!! Too funny. :)

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