04 October 2013

That time we got a babysitter...

Winslow is almost 7 weeks old and when I was about 7 months pregnant, hubby bought us tickets to go see Jack Johnson in concert.  He's one of our favorite artists and so naturally, I was so so excited and at the time thought, "Winslow will be almost 2 months old, I can leave him no problem."


I never realized how scary it is to leave your baby!

I told hubby to put my ticket on craigslist/eBay and that there was no way I was going to go because he had never had a bottle and I didn't feel comfortable leaving him that long.  So he put it on craigslist and we had three people want to buy our ticket.

Then I decided I would try to give him a bottle..he took it like a champ!  Didn't even phase him.  To be honest, it kind of made me feel a little strange because I love breastfeeding him and was secretly hoping he wouldn't take it so well! haha..isn't that selfish?  No worries though, he still loves his momma.  ;)

So I gathered up my courage and decided to go to the concert.  My mom told me he would be JUST fine, which I knew deep down, but it still didn't make it easy to leave him.

I'm so glad I did, though.  Not just because I got to see Jack Johnson (we were on the 10th row!!), but also because it helped build my confidence up for when I go back to work (which we don't talk about around here yet because I'll cry).

I left him with my in-laws, who did WONDERFULLY, which I had no doubt they would.  I was that crazy new mom, though, that typed a two page paper of how to care for him complete with a disclaimer that read:  "I know he will be great, and y'all will take phenominal care of my little boy, but i still have to make a schedule for my peace of mind and so that i do not forget to tell you something.  you do not have to follow this if you don't want to, but it's what works for us.  also, don't forget to hug and kiss on him lots!"   Yes, I am crazy.  sorrynotsorry.

The concert was incredible, Winslow did great, and everyone was happy! :)

In other news, my mom flew up to spend 9 days with us.  Why does it always go by SO quickly when you have family around?  I loved every minute she was here-she sure loves her grandbaby and I LOVE when she comes, even if he does get spoiled rotten.

Um, hello?  She doesn't look old enough to be a grandma! She could totally pass as my older sister!

While she was here, I got a ton done.  See exhibit A:

I appliqued several of Win's plain onesies... I am in love and it's so easy to do.  I made a tie, a whale, his initial, a car one and one for thanksgiving.  

I think Winslow liked them too!

I also got a MUCH needed haircut...while grandma babysat, I got a snip snip!

AND the hubby and I went on our first date since he's been here. One of the most important thing we are trying to do since having a child is to still date.  It's so crucial you spend that one-on-one time with your spouse to catch up, flirt, and love each other, without distractions or other obligations, such as a newborn!

Here is hubby feeding Winslow his first bottle! 
I am so thankful for in-laws who live nearby that will come babysit and for a grandmother who has been to see us twice in 6 weeks. :)  We love you all!

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  1. Good for you! I know how hard that is- our little guy is 10 months old and we've only been out on one date (ashamedly!). We don't have family in the area and only a handful of friends since we've moved, so it's hard. Looking back, I wish we would have done more together, even if it was just dinner out alone for two hours. I'm glad he took the bottle and that things went well with the in-laws. I echo a ton of your feelings- completely normal! He is so precious :)