08 October 2013

Texas Caviar, if you will.

Have you heard of Texas Caviar?  It's sort of like a salsa type food...has lots of yummy things in it.  Bell Peppers, onion, beans, cilantro, black beans..

Well...my mom got this recipe from somewhere or she may have made it up, I can't remember, but when she was her visiting us (but mainly her grandson!), she made this three different times.

IT'S LIKE CRACK, YALL. You can't stop eating it. 

As a new mom, I am ALL about fast and quick snacks..and healthy is always a plus.  And this little concoction is all of the above.

I hope you stop what your'e doing and go make some right now!  We shall call it:

-Mom's Texas Caviar- 

Here's what you need:

-can of black beans
-1 lime
- roma tomatos or any kind of your liking
-can of corn (I have used yellow and shoepeg)
-and I sometimes add white pepper

 Open the can of corn and beans and drain.  I run water over it too to get the black bean juice out.
 Dice up tomato and avacado.
 Add to beans and corn...
 Then add a whole bunch of cumin and the juice of one lime.  I just keep adding cumin until I get the flavor I want..but if I had to guess, I would say at least one tablespoon...when in doubt, just add more. :)  That's what makes it WONDERFUL.

 I roll the lime on the counter first to get the juices loose and I also microwave the whole lime for 10-15 seconds..you get so much more juice that way.  Thanks for the tip, mom!

This is such a delicious and quick snack..serve with chips or eat it with a spoon like I do.

What are your favorite snacks?  This new momma would love any quick and easy suggestions!

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