28 October 2013

Love at first sight

My dear friend Allie came for a visit today with her sweetest little babe, Savannah.  Our babies are only 9 days apart and boy are they cute together!  I loved getting to catch up with her and I just know they'll get married one day.  :) 

At first, little W didn't like the idea of girls...

He thought they might have cooties...

But then he warmed up quick and decided to hold her hand.  

 And decided not to let go...he has a major crush on little miss Savannah. <3 br="">

I love our babies.  They are precious.


  1. oh my gosh those hand holding pic is so cute!!!!!!! i know it is SO fun to have a sweet friend that has a baby 9 days apart from you! i daydream about being preggers at the same time as my bffies someday!!! :)


  2. aww this is so sweet! my best friend and i had our babies the same day. its so much fun!