21 October 2013

Happy Birthday Darla Dog!

Our sweet little pup turned 8 years old this past weekend!! We adopted her from a family off of Craigslist (she cost a whopping 40 dollars) and they had been neglecting her very badly.  She came to us with a horrible flea infestation, the mange, and was severly overweight due to poor diet.  She also has no front teeth except her canines. 

We got her a little over a year ago and she is the best pup we've ever had!  We love her so very much and even though she annoys the heck out of me sometimes (she follows me EVERYWHERE and has separation anxiety..like I can't even close my closet door without her crying) She is going to be the best puppy for little Winslow to grow up with.

We love Darla!

 I made her some homemade Frosty Paws which is super easy-dogs love them, especially in the summer.

1 banana
1 container of vanilla yogurt
1-2 tbs honey
1-2 spoonfuls of peanut butter

Just mix it all together and freeze for a few hours.  It's her favorite snack.

Dogs are part of our family..anyone else feel the same?  :)  I'm thinking we may get Winslow a puppy for his first birthday. Maybe a fluffy baby Golden.  Darla needs a friend and it may help with the baby fever I know I'll have by then.. hehehe!




  1. Happy Birthday Darla! I am firm believer that our dog Macy is not a dog, i consider her my first born and she will soon be a big sister in a week or so! :) I would say getting a Winslow a puppy for his first birthday is a great gift idea :)

  2. First of all what a darling little birthday party. She looks like such a happy dog! And bless you and your family for bringing her into your home even knowing everything she had going on. I'm sure she must think she won the family jackpot with you guys!!

  3. That is so sweet you guys rescued her from a neglecting family. She looks super happy to be in such a loving home. This story made me smile :-)