25 October 2013

Five on Friday

Hey y'all!! Happy Friday!  This week flew by! The hubby and I are taking little W to the state fair today..or really we are going for us but we can say it's for him. ;)  He will more than likely sleep the whole time, but you better believe I'm gonna stuff myself full of fried oreos, fried pecan pie, and funnel cakes!

I'm linking up this week with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday.

1.  I've been making my Christmas list already and have a few things I hope to get.  One of them is am embroidery machine! If I would have had a girl first, this would have definitely been my push present, but I'm still going to go crazy with monogramming all of W's clothes and mine too! Who doesn't love monograms?!?  I want to monogram some pillows for my guestroom..look how pretty!

 Speaking of Christmas, we have decided to do this tradition each year for ourselves and W.  Something you want, something to read, something to wear, and something you need.  I love this idea and it also helps with overbuying or purchasing things you don't think you'll really use.  Santa will still come visit, but from mom and dad, Winslow will get those four gifts.

2. If ANYONE knows where I can get polka-dotted tights from, please let me know! I've been looking and can't find any!

Aren't those the CUTEST?

3. I've been on the fence about dressing little one up for Halloween...he'll be 2.5 months and I don't know what to dress him up as..he's so little and the only reason I'll dress him up is really for me to take pictures, but for you momma who had little bitty ones, did you dress them up?   Got any ideas for me?

And i totally want to dress Darla up in this.... HAHA!

4. I bought these the other day and can't wait to get them. Free shipping for Target Redcard people is AMAZING! :)  And they are super cheap and have great reviews for comfort.  Now to find a cheetah scarf...

5. So I've just made the switch to bloglovin' and pretty much drool over it.  I love the ease it has to read blogs, and it's fun to find new ones to match your interests!  I had previously just been reading blogs through blogger, but this is way more fun.  You can follow me there, I'd love it if you do!

Happy Friday, lovelies!  Here's to a great weekend!




  1. Our little guy is dressing as a monster. I got the costume on super sale from Carter's. So cute! And I love your Christmas gift idea! I saw that on Pinterest and am thinking about doing it too!

  2. I have heard some phenomenal things about the Redcard! I am thinking I need to bite the bullet and just do it already!

  3. ummm are we kindered spirits or what?!! so glad i just found you on the linkup bc...
    1. i am also obsessed with monograms. and that picture. everything in the whole room. SWOON.
    2. yup! pinned that pic a few days ago. great minds... ;)
    3. ABSOLUTELY. the hubs and i went to petsmart last weekend bc many of the halloween costumes were 75% off!
    4. leopard flats from target? have em. 2 pairs. love em (so much that they're a little raggedy now).

    :) this whole post made me smile so big!!

  4. I got their cheetah/leopard loafers last year, and they are just too sticking cute! I'm keeping my eye out for polka dot tights. They have to be somewhere, right?