10 October 2013

Dear Winslow

Hey baby boy,

As I watch you lay on your playmat "talking" to yourself in the mirror, I must write these sweet little things down that you do so I'll never ever forget them.

Like the way you kick one leg if you're upset and i'm holding you.  Or when you're laying on your back, you'll only kick one leg.

Or the way you breathe when we pour water over your little head at bathtime. It takes your breath away and you smile afterwards.  It melts my heart.

Or the way you do this little scream/coo that sounds like a pterodactyl.

How about when you're in the bath and you kick your legs and splash all the water out?  You love bathtime so much.

When you nurse and you make these little grunts and noises.  It makes me smile so big.

You have JUST recently starting looking up at me when your nurse and just once or twice I caught a smile.  Talk about making me melt.

Or when you hear daddies voice, you ALWAYS smile so big for him when he gets home.  It's the sweetest thing.

When you sneeze, all your arms and legs flail.

At bedtime when you're sleepy but fighting it, you'll purse your lips out and blink your eyes really heavy.  That's when i KNOW you are so tired.

Baby boy, it's these little things that I love so much about you- I hope I never forget them.  You are my joy and my world. 

I love you, Winslow.


Your mom.

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  1. How sweet :) I'm so glad you're enjoying this time and taking it all in :)