19 September 2013

Winslow is one month!

Weight:11 pounds 1.5 ounces (79th percentile!)

Height: 23 inches (96th percentile!)

Nicknames: Win, Winsy, W, Peanut, Little Fella

Eating: nursing like a champ! The first three or so weeks, he ate every 2.5 hours on the dot almost (his internal clock is to the minute!) but the past few days he has been eating every three hours.  Besides breastmilk, he loves chocolate milk and mashed potatoes ;) haha..just kidding (duh).  He wakes up once or twice to feed at night and usually nurses around 15 minutes before he is done.  That's about his average feeding time now..around 12-15 minutes.  He sometimes eats so fast without breathing that he chokes and it makes him mad. After a couple seconds, he is right back at it though.  This boy loves to eat!

Sleeping: The first couple weeks, he would wake up every 2.5 hours to eat and the past 1.5-2 weeks he's been giving me a four hours stretch, which is awesome.  Then this past week, he slept SIX hours (which of course, freaked me out when I woke up and saw the time) and he has gone 5 hours a couple of times as well.  That is AWESOME and I feel like a new woman when I can get that much sleep in a row. haha.  But this boy sure is NOISY when he sleeps. Sometimes he will sleep without making a peep, and other times he keeps me up with all his grunts, coos, and other noises, including poop explosions.  Thankfully, they stay inside his diaper for now. We are getting into a routine of a nighttime bath, nursing, and then getting to bed, and so far this week has been great.  I also started waking him up right before I go to bed to nurse (a dream-feed, if you will)  and I think that's what is helping him sleep so long at a time.  And it helps me out too!  After nursing once at night though, he sometimes takes a good while to get back to sleep..around 30-40 minutes and he usually sleeps around 2.5 or 3 hours after that and he is READY to start his day.   Around 8am is when he likes to get up.  We start our bedtime routine anywhere from 8:30-9:00, and then I wake him around 10:30 for a dream feed.  I will probably omit that feeding once he can sleep a little longer, but before I was doing that, I would go to bed at 11, and he would wake up at midnight really hungry...and that was exhausting me.   

Diapers: He is still wearing newborn diapers.  Target brand are our favorite, but CVS was having a sale on Pampers, so we are squeezing into those until we move to size 1 diapers in a week or two.  They are still pretty big on him, so newborns fit the best.  Huggies are too small, Pampers are getting too small, and Target fit great right now.  Little man also LOVES to show off his tooting and grunting noises and boy when he lets it rip, EVERYONE can hear it.  It sounds so loud and explosive and sometimes it'll just be a tiny bit of poo.  It's so funny.  He will also grunt a whole lot and then once he is done, he will let out a big sigh.  It's the cutest thing ever.  

Clothing: Still wearing newborn clothes for the most part, but we do have a handful of 0-3 clothes that fit. All baby clothes fit so differently because we have a few NB outfits that swallow him and then he can fit perfect into some 0-3 month outfits.  I have had to put  away 4-5 NB outfits that are too short on this long fella!   A lot of outfits with little pants are too short and I put a long sleeved NB onesie on him ,and it was 3/4 length! Our fella has LONG arms and legs!

Social:This is the most fun part! He is starting to "talk" to me a little bit with cooing and then he will smile.  It's not really a "social" smile just yet, but it's the most precious thing ever.  He also loves his playmat and will talk to it as well.  He is pretty much on a eat-play-sleep schedule and that works great for him.  After he eats, he plays and stares at the ceiling fan ( his favorite thing ever!)  for a while and then will take an hour or 1.5 hour nap before his next feeding.  The other day though, he was awake from 2-7pm with no nap, and boy did we feel it around 8pm.. he was one grumpy fella. 
Likes: He loves the ceiling fan, bathtime, tummy time, his carseat, taking walks in his stroller, his momma (okay, i had to put that one in there) , and hanging out in just his diaper, his swing, being cuddled and held, he loves to be thrown over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. haha!

Dislikes: getting his diaper changed sometimes, the initial process of getting swaddled (he will grunt and try to get his arms out and cry) getting out of the bath

What we're looking forward to: everything! My mom is coming back to visit next week and we can't wait to see her.  We also are planning to go to see Jack Johnson in concert but I have to get my courage up to leave him with a babysitter (my in-laws). 
Milestones/ things to remember: He has begun to smile, coo, and focus on more things.  He can track my voice a little bit.  My most favorite thing he did this month was while he was on his tummy, he turned his head from one side to the other! I was so proud. He is getting so good at lifting his head up. Only one poop explosion so far, and that was at the doctor's office this morning! It went all up his back and on me!
Trips/Outings: We've been to hubby's work to show him off, my work, the Farmer's Market, church, Target (two times!), Harris Teeter, my in-laws, and the post office.  

 We love you so much, little guy!!


  1. You need to blow up that first picture and either put it on your wall or on Winslow's wall. That is a beautiful picture. So glad everyone is doing so well.