28 September 2013

When it doubt, paint it out....

Okay, so that title doesn't really make sense...but that's okay! It sounded good.

My mom is in town visiting and let me tell you, it's so wonderful having help with the cooking and cleaning! And of course, she gets her share of Winslow too.  :) 

My baby boy will be SIX weeks old tomorrow.  HOW is that possible?  He is growing so fast and being a mom is the best thing I've ever experienced. 

It has also been well over six weeks since I did a little DIY project...so of course, when I have a live-in babysitter, I jump on the chance to do something. 

I've had the end tables in my living room for 3.5 years and I love them.  However I wanted to change up the look and so I painted them.

This is the only before photo I could find...and obviously, it's at Christmastime.

See the dark end tables?  They are now..WHITE! :)

Oh yeah, and I did change up my fall mantle a tad. I forgot I had this lovely wood piece in the garage that I made last year and I added some pine cone garland.  

I think I like it!

And I love fall.

The end.

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