22 September 2013

Harvest Festival

The husband had this past weekend off (PRAISE THE LORD) and so we have filled it with fun family times!  Well not a whole bunch, but we did go to church as a family, and to the local Harvest Festival.

Sadly, my camera died right at the beginning of the festival, so I only caught a few photos.

 He looks so good as dad.  ;)

 Clearly, W was enjoying the festival.
 And of course, any fair/festival is not complete without consuming a funnel cake...it was fat free. ha!

Next year, we will have a toddler walking around! Crazy!

We went to church this morning, which was awesome.  We've been back twice since Winslow's birth, so I'd say that's pretty good!  Afterwards, I took the opportunity to have a mini-photo shoot.  My poor little guy has NO hair on top of his head.

I love my little old man, though.

 This is his FAVORITE way to be held. I think he likes to look at everything because when we hold him like a baby (you know, the regular way you usually hold babies) he cries.  Then when I throw him over my shoulder, he is happy as a clam.

And just because no post is complete without a sleeping baby...

Melt my heart- he is precious!

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