21 September 2013

Dear Winslow

Baby boy,

You are growing so fast already! How is it that you're over a month old?  It makes me so excited, yet sad that you are getting bigger. I can't wait for you to keep exploring new things each day.  I see it in your eyes- the way you look at things and how new they are for you!

We are quickly learning what you like and what you don't like...here's a few:

1. You do not like being swaddled.  You will grunt and cry to try and get your arms out, but after a couple minutes you settle down.  I hate to see you upset, but I also know that you sleep so much better when you are swaddled, so we will continue to do it.  We tried a couple nights of not doing it, and you were up every 1.5-2 hours...if we swaddle you, we sometime get 5-6 hours!  (And that makes your momma very happy!)

2. You LOVE to be held over our shoulder- we call it throwing you over our shoulder like a sack of taters. You don't like to be held like a baby at all.  You know, the traditional hold that most people do to babies.  I feel kind of bad, because when people want to hold you, you start to cry because you don't like it! 

3. You love bathtime. You have started kicking your legs a tiny bit and you'll stay in there, happy as a clam, until we take you out.

4. You DO NOT LIKE being cold after bathtime- if we don't dry you off, put a diaper on you, and put your clothes on in 2.5 seconds, you let us know!

5.  You love nursing. You make the cutest sounds in the universe while you nurse, and I absolutely adore that time I have with you.  Sometimes you'll just stare straight up at me, and it makes my heart melt.

6. You like to have your head rubbed!  Molly was over here the other night and started rubbing your little head and you cooed for a good thirty minutes!  You love it.

7.  You don't like to miss out on things!  Sometimes you'll be so tired,  but will not go to sleep! thankfully this is never really at night, but it's during the afternoon or evening.  This evening you screamed for a good few minutes because you didn't want a nap, but I knew you were so tired.  After I finally got you down, you slept almost 2 hours! See?  Momma does know best.  ;)

Winslow,  I love being your mom.  To see you change and grow each day makes me so happy.

This may be cheesy to some, but I have to document this special time.   Yesterday I was holding you and trying to put away some clean laundry and we were just chatting.  Well, I decided to play some music and George Strait's song "Carrying Your Love with Me" came on.  I twirled you around our bedroom and sang to you and danced and the way you looked at me and smiled made me cry! I boo hoo-ed like a little baby because you just do that to me, W.  It was the most precious moment we've shared since you've been here! Except for that first time we locked eyes when you were just minutes old.  I'll never forget that moment. Ever.

I love you Winslow.  So does your daddy.  You are so special to us and I always want you to know that. 

You are my sunshine.



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