23 September 2013


Making : Room in our closet for some fall/ winter clothes.  I got rid of all my maternity and summer clothes.  I also donated a whole laundry hamper full! Yay!
Cooking :White chocolate rolo reeses pumpkin cookies. Yes, for real.  Get the recipe here.
Drinking : Water and water and water.  Breastfeeding makes me soooooo thirsty.
Reading: Whenever I nurse in the middle of the night, I read Jesus Calling, but I just got done reading Winslow "Dog's Noisy Day".  He loved it. haha!
Wanting: This shirt for me and these for Winslow and daddy.
Looking: forward to my mom flying in tomorrow! She's spending 9 days with us!
Playing: Bethany Dillon's "You're the best song".  If you have children, you WILL cry when you listen to this.  It's my new favorite song ever.
Wasting: tons of calories eating cookie dough...who cares. ;)
Sewing: I need to be sewing some more burp cloths..but I'm not.
Wishing: that the days will go by slower.  My son is already over a month old! Time, slow down!
Enjoying: EVERY single second I get with Winslow. 
Waiting: on daddy to get home! We miss you, dad!
Liking: this beautiful fall weather.  It's been in the 70's all week.  Praise the Lord.
Wondering: where we will be in the next 5 years...
Loving:  being a mom.  It's the best and most challenging responsibility ever.
Hoping: Winslow will bless his momma with 5-6 hours of sleep!
Marvelling: at how God made babies so perfect and how they smell so freakin' good.
Needing: to eat dinner
Smelling: dinner- Verde Chicken Enchiladas that a dear friend brought over.
Wearing: Nursing tank and jeans.  It's my go-to uniform...except usually it's Nike Tempo shorts and not jeans.
Noticing: how hard my husband works to provide for us. He works Monday and Wednesday until 5pm and has class until 10pm...that's a LONG day.  And he works until 10pm on Tuesday and Thursday. He's pretty much superman. I love him so.
Knowing: that I have the best job in the world: a mom.
Thinking: about making a new fall wreath.
Feeling: excited about college football.  I love it.
Bookmarking:  fall scarves and boots!
Opening: a new package of diapers every 2-3 days. Sheesh we go through some diapers.
Giggling: when Winslow has a HUGE explosion in his pants, but nothing to show for it. ha!
Feeling: thankful for my life.

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