06 August 2013

39 Weeks!


how far along? 39 Weeks 4 days
how are you measuring?
Still on schedule
size of baby?
A watermelon- and boy is he getting big- I can feel his every move.
144 bpm
total weight gain/loss?
21 pounds
maternity clothes?
Oh yes!  Most of mine are not even fitting me anymore...
stretch marks?
I hate sleep. He keeps me up all night now..and turning from one side to the other is like asking me to stand on my head. ha!
best moment this week?
Showing some progress at the doc!  I am 2 cm and 70% effaced.  I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing! I've been walking every night too. We also got a brand new stainless steel stove installed and that felt like Christmas morning!
I can tell he's starting to slow down, but at 11 pm EVERY night, he has a party. I swear he can tell time.
food cravings?
Cold milk, oreos
gender predictions?
A boy!
what i miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, a good nights sleep, seeing my feet, bending over to pick up things, feeling energized...you can tell this lady is exhausted. 
 what i'm looking forward to: His arrival! It really could be any day now..and I hope it's sooner than later!
how are you feeling?
This week has been hard on me.  I am not swelling at all, thankfully, but I am EXHAUSTED when i get home from work.

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