20 July 2013

The past 9 months...

With less than 3 weeks until we meet our son (hopefully!), I wanted to make sure I documented the major milestones that occured during this pregnancy.  One day, I will share with Winslow what it was like when I was carrying him these past 9 months and want to make sure I don't miss out on any details!

So let me start from the first day I found out.  We were so blessed by getting pregnant right away and I honestly was prepared to go several months with no positive test.  But after the first month, when I read that positive pregnancy test, I was in complete joy and awe!  I remember waking up about three days before my missed period and taking a test.  It said negative, so I waited another day, took another one, and it was also negative.  Then one day before my missed period, I took one and a TINY faint line showed up.  I was thinking it was a mistake because it was so faint, but I called my OBGYN and she told me to wait another 2-3 days and it that one said positive, then I was probably really pregnant.

Those next two days drug by, let me tell you.  I didn't start my period, but I didn't want to waste another test so I waited three more days.  That weekend, we traveled to Boone, where we went to college, to meet up with our mentors during our time there and that morning in the hotel room, I took another test.

Sure enough, it was positive.  I took one more and it was also positive.  So I knew that this meant good news and I woke hubby up and said "I took two tests and they were both positive!"   Before we started trying, I had always planned to share with  hubby that I was pregnant in a really cool way.  But I was so excited I just couldn't wait, so that's how it happened. haha!

We then went about our weekend, met up with our dear friends and they asked us when we thought we might have children.  Since I had JUST found out that morning, I wasn't ready to share the news yet, we just told them probably in the next 6 months we would start trying. Sorry for that little fib, Mason! ;)

This was the first weekend in December, and my mom actually came to visit a couple weeks later.  Can you believe I didn't tell her I was pregnnat when she was here?!?!  I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant and I wanted to make SURE I was before I shared the news.  I went to the doctor when I was around 7 weeks pregnant and so we decided to tell our families on Christmas Day.

That day will go down as one of the most joyful days of my life (Besides my wedding day, and my son's soon-to-be birthday.) I remember the tears of joy from my in-laws and the screaming and crying from my mom! haha.. I videoed my mom finding out and I am so glad I did.  She was sooooo funny and sweet!

Around 7 weeks was when I started getting REAL sick.  Not just once or twice here and there.  I'm talking about EVERY single day ALL day long.  Throwing up, feeling horrible, not eating..it was NOT fun.  I would have to pull over on my way to work in the morning to get sick, and in between my customers at the bank, I would run to the bathroom.  I told my co-workers I was pregnant before I told my parents because I was so miserable!

The sickness went away around 16 weeks (those were the LONGEST 9 weeks of my life)  and since then, I haven't gotten sick one time.

Around fourteen weeks, I was in the shower and passed flat out on the floor!  It was awful and I was home by myself. Thankfully I was alright, but I contribute me being so dehydrated and sick as the reason I passed out.

At 18 weeks, we found out we were having a boy! I could have sworn it was a girl...all those wives tales are not true about pregnancy! Everyone said since I was so sick, it was a girl.  And if I craved sweets it was a girl...well the only thing that wouldn't make me sick during my first trimesters was taco bell! haha.  So I would eat a taco about three times a week and I also craved sour straws like crazy.

Hubby actually ordered a 20 pack of them from Amazon for me! (And that's why I have so many cavities now, UGH!)

At 21 weeks, we went on a babymoon to Miami.  We attended the Sony Open tennis tournament which was so much fun.

Other random things about pregnancy:

-I have been so lucky with having an easy pregnancy.  No swollen ankles or hands, no food aversions anymore (since about week 16), and I've gained around 19 pounds.
-Little Winslow has ALWAYS loved to stay on my right side.  When I lay down at night, his little booty sticks straight up and it looks so funny.
- I have craved milk the WHOLE pregnancy.  Before I got pregnant, I used to drink it quite often, but now I HAVE to have at least one glass when I get up, or I cannot function.
-No heartburn whatsoever.  (I wonder if that means Winslow will have no hair!?)
-I love being pregnant. It makes me tear up when I think about the awesome responsibility God has given me as a mom.  I am so excited to have him here, and I know that he is going to be one loved little fella.
-Darla, our golden retriever, has gotten really protective of me.  I swear she can sense I am about to have a baby because she barks when people come to the door now, and she never did that before.  She also follows me around EVERYWHERE.
-I went to the dentist because part of my tooth chipped off last month, and let's just say the report was not good.  Apparantly, pregnnat ladies' teeth get more soft and also all the hormones make your teeth more prone to cavities.  I've only had ONE cavity in my life, and now I have..I'm embarrassed to even say.  I have to go back twice once I deliever to get all my cavities filled, I'll say that.  Ha!  That's awful.
-My gums have also been bleeding a lot more, I flosss every night, but they still bleed.  A lot. Way more than the normal amount.  One day we were driving to Raleigh, and my whole mouth just filled up with blood! I had just been talking to hubby and I tasted blood, I opened my mouth and thought I had lost all my teeth at once or something! We had to pull over and spend like 20 minutes getting the bleeding under control.  It was CRAZY.
-I can feel his hands scratching me now.  It's such a weird feeling, and to be honest, makes me cringe.  At night, especially, his hands go crazy poking, punching, and scratching me..it sometimes hurts!
 -My favorite thing about being pregnant so far would have to be when we play Winslow music.  He immediately starts "dancing" in my belly.  I love it.
-The first toy Winslow got was a Willie Nelson doll from hubby.  Doesn't that make you proud? haha
-I get up in the middle of the night 2-3 times to pee. This is the ONE thing I will be so glad to get rid of.  I hate waking up.
-I also make frequent trips during the day..like 16 times a day.  no joke.  
- I cannot wait to hear his first little cry.  I think about it all day long.

Come on baby boy, Mommy wants to meet you!!

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