16 July 2013

Light fixture update

Over the past few months, I've done a lot of small projects around the house, but not really blogged about them!  I am hoping to catch up a little on updating you on my DIY adventures.

One thing I did do (well my friend Brian did for me) was install a new light fixture in the dining area.  I had been wanting a farmhouse style light for a while, and I had a friend go to IKEA for me and pick one up.

This one was only $29.99 BUT i thought it was going to be a LOT smaller than it is.  However, once it was installed, I liked it.  Not exactly "true" farmhouse style, but I like the change.  (And plus IKEA is over 3 hours from here, so I couldn't return it that easily)



A small update, but I am happy with the result! For $29.99, you can't really beat it!


  1. The table centerpiece is an inexpensive blue vase from Ikea filled with a bamboo shoot, and set atop the most ornate of my Grandmother’s plates.

  2. Ah, I love it!!! I'm wanting something similar! I love Ikea and am actually heading there at the end of this month. I may just have to pick this up! Your space looks beautiful! Hope you're feeling well this week!

  3. It looks pretty, Kait. Just Pinterested into your blog and will be checking back. Be well... =)