11 July 2013

Just a pile of thoughts.

I am in full nesting mode, y'all.  I have four weeks until my due date, and every single day when I get home from work, I've been cleaning out the house.  It's so rejuvinating!

In the meantime, I've been eating hummus off of my baby bump. ;)

I also made my own hospital gown to wear when I deliver...I looked online at prices and didn't want to pay like 85 dollars for one on Etsy so I made my own! The total cost was around $25. 

When my brothers, dad, and stepmom were here, they all helped build us a new fence in the backyard, and we also spent a day at the beach.  It was wonderful.

And lastly, I made some little goodie bags for the labor and delivery nurses when I am in the hospital.  They are tucked away in my go bag and we are OFFICIALLY ready for a baby!

Got everything packed and we are just waiting on his arrival! 4 weeks or less!

(told you this was extremely random!)

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