09 July 2013

Dear Winslow

Dear baby boy,

Exactly ONE month from today is your due date! Will you arrive early?  Will you arrive late?  I wonder that a lot these days.  I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and with every day, I'm getting more and more excited to meet you.  I can't believe in less than a month (hopefully) you'll be in my arms!

My brothers, dad, and stepmom came from Texas this past weekend to visit.  They have not seen me since you've been growing in my belly.  The last time they saw me, I was only 8 weeks pregnant with you and you were the size of a pea!  Now you're almost a small watermelon!  Can you believe it?
 We had a great time visitng and they all helped build us a nice fence in our backyard.  It's almost twice as big as it used to be and so when you start growing up into a big boy, you'll have lots of fun throwing the ball and playing with Darla.

We had a doctors appointment this morning and you are measuring right on schedule! I know you're cozy in there, but if you want to come and meet us in a couple weeks, that would be awesome!  You had a GREAT heartbeat and next week we'll go back to check on you.

This week we've been cleaning the house in preparation for your arrival.  We want to make sure everything is perfect for our little angel.  I've washed all your clothes and boy are you going to be adorable in them! I might just change your clothes every hour because you'll be so cute.  ;)

You're getting so big in my belly that I can feel your little feet when you kick and sometimes I  think I feel an elbow!  I cannot wait to meet you, sweet boy.  Will you have blue eyes like momma and daddy?  Will you have curly hair?  Are you going to be as tall as dad when you get big?  I dream about you all the time. One day you'll read these letters and laugh at me, I hope.

Since you've been growing in my belly, you always loved to sit on my right side.  All the doctors who look at my belly when I lay down always comment on how "crooked" you like to be.  You'll be on the far right side all day sometimes!  It's so cute because it's been that way since around 20 weeks.  I want to make sure I remember these things for when you can read these letters.

Dear baby boy,  momma and daddy love you so much.  We pray for you every night, dad is still playing songs to you at night too.  He loves to play Willie Nelson and Jack Johnson.

See you soon, Winslow!



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