16 July 2013

36 Weeks

how far along? 36 Weeks 4 days
how are you measuring? Right on schedule
size of baby? A canary melon

heartbeat? 141 BPM
 total weight gain/loss? Around 19 pounds
maternity clothes? Oh yes! 
stretch marks? Yep, they decided to show up.  I have three underneath my bellybutton..I know its because he's always been carring so low and puts so much weight down there.  
sleep? horrible again.  i wake up almost every hour and it takes a lot of energy to switch sides..which i do a lot too.  i can't get comfortable at all and wake up sweating like crazy!
best moment this week? We had a cookout last weekend and it's the last one before little babe arrives!  I can't believe I'll have a baby in about three weeks! (i hope!)
movement? Oh yes!  He is definately running out of room in my belly now. He kicks me and it hurts and is always moving, still. 
food cravings? Milk..i have to have my milk in the morning or i cannot function.
gender predictions? A boy!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, sushi, a good nights sleep

what i'm looking forward to: I have an appointment tomorrow to see if he's dropped, if he's head down, if i've made any progress! I'm hoping for some news!

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