07 July 2013

34 Weeks!

 *I forgot to take a weekly photo! I've been so busy I haven't thought about updating! :( * I did take a photo on instagram around 34 weeks so I'm posting it as my weekly photo.

how far along? 34 Weeks
how are you measuring?
Right on schedule

size of baby? A butternut squash
heartbeat? 141 BPM
total weight gain/loss? Around 18 pounds
maternity clothes? Oh yes! 
stretch marks? Not yet! I am expecting they'll show up soon- my stomach is stretching a lot!
sleep? Sleeping okay...not using the pregnancy wedge pillow anymore, that thing doesn't seem to work anymore.
best moment this week? Washing all of the little baby clothes, and putting away all of the shower gifts.  I also made my own hospital gown that I'll be posting pictures of soon! :)

movement? Oh yes!  Sometimes he kicks me so hard it startles me!
food cravings? Milk
gender predictions? A boy!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, sushi, a good nights sleep

what i'm looking forward to: We are going to be putting up a new fence this next week- my brothers will be here along with my dad and stepmom and I can't wait to get our backyard in shape!

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