24 June 2013

Dear Winslow

Dear Baby Boy,

I cannot believe that in about six weeks, you'll be here!! We are SOOOOO excited for you to arrive and I have gone into full nesting mode preparing our house for you.  I started washing your little clothes tonight and sorting them into months- it's going to be so much fun dressing you ten times a day!

This week was all about you, baby boy.  We celebrated your arrival with a beautiful baby shower- it was held downtown Clayton at the Morning Glory Inn.  We had cake, chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite!) and played a few games.  All of my friends and family were there and we even took turns singing to you! It was quite a show.  This week I can tell you are still growing! My stomach is getting pretty big! 

Every night before I go to sleep, daddy still talks to you.  My favorite is when he first starts off he always says, "Hey Winslow, it's me.  Dad."  It's so sweet.  I know you are going to have daddy wrapped around your finger, as well as me.  I can't wait until you're here.

Something funny that you do is that when I lay down, you're little booty pokes up on my right side like crazy! My belly gets so lop-sided. You definately love my right side.  I had a few maternity photos taken this past weekend and when I layed down, the photographer even commented on how crooked my belly looked! Haha..you are so funny.

My mom (and your grandmother!) is in visiting- i love having her here. She's helping me fold all your clothes and sewing some things for you! She made you a boppy pillow cover for our nursing sessions when you're here, and she even sewed your curtains in your nursery.  I love them.

I pray for you every single day, sweet boy.  I want you to grow up seeing Jesus' love in our home.  I pray that you'll be kind hearted and that you'll always be a gentleman like your daddy.  He treats me so great.  I love him.

And i love you, sweet boy.  I can't believe how much love I have for you and I haven't even met you yet!  Please stay nice and cozy in my belly for a few more weeks.  Our house is not ready for you just yet.  :)

We love you!


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