25 June 2013

33 Weeks!

This is what 11:15pm after a LONG work day and not getting home until like 10pm looks like. NOT pretty.

how far along? 33 Weeks 4 Days
how are you measuring?
Right on schedule

size of baby? A Durian fruit? What the heck is that?
heartbeat? 150 bpm
total weight gain/loss? Around 16 pounds
maternity clothes? Oh yes! 
stretch marks? No, and I am putting Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my stomach every night.
sleep? Well not so great this week..been tossing and turning a lot.  And getting SO hot at night.. and getting up to go pee... oh well! It'll be over soon. (The peeing and getting HOT part..the not sleeping part will probably stick around!)
best moment this week? My baby shower! I had such a BEAUTIFUL shower and can't wait to share photos with y'all!  It was wonderful.

movement? Oh yes!  Sometimes he kicks me so hard it startles me!
food cravings? Milk
gender predictions? A boy!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, sushi, a good nights sleep

what i'm looking forward to: Just getting the last minute things together for baby once he gets here! Washing clothes, finishing up his nursery, organizing the pantry..I am in full nesting mode!

*Sorry for a pretty boring weekly update..not much going on here..just waiting patiently for our little boy to arrive!*

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