11 June 2013

31 Weeks

how far along? 31 Weeks 4 days
how are you measuring?
Right on schedule

size of baby? A pineapple!
142 bpm
total weight gain/loss?
Well..it's finally happening..the weight is coming and it's not happening slowly! I've gained around 16 pounds
maternity clothes?
Oh yes! 
stretch marks?
 No, and I am putting Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my stomach every night.
OH my gosh.  Why did no one tell me about the pregnancy wedge pillow before now?  One of my co-workers recommended I try it, so i marched up to Babies R Us ( proudly parked in the expectant mothers spot), and bought me one.  Best $13 ever spent!  I sleep so much better when I have this.  It goes between your stomach and the bed (like a wedge, duh) and helps your big ol belly not to have so much pressure and helps your back.  i love it.  love love it.
best moment this week? 
I've started the nesting phase I think.  I have to have the house clean before I go to bed..which I usually did before I was pregnant, but now it's mandatory. Nesting is fun though! I also did a few house projects, including a new light fixture for our dining room, some open shelving in the kitchen, and re-painting some end tables for the bonus room.  I will share them all sometime soon!
movement? Oh yes!  Sometimes he kicks me so hard it startles me!  
food cravings?
Milk,and surprisingly chocolate.  haven't craved that at all until now.
gender predictions?
A boy!
what i miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches
, bending over with ease, regular pants
what i'm looking forward to: My friend is having a baby shower (we are due three weeks apart) this weekend and I can't wait to shower her with little girl goodness!
how are you feeling?
Getting larger by the day it seems...I can no longer bend over without hurting.  So that means hubby gets to do laundry! (yay!)  But other than that, just the regular third trimester "My clothes are not fitting right anymore and I am sick of peeing 78 times a day."

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