03 June 2013

30 Weeks!

{This photo is pretty bad quality...whoops}

how far along? 30 Weeks 4 days
how are you measuring?
Right on schedule

size of baby? A cucumber
142 bpm
total weight gain/loss?
11 pounds
maternity clothes?
Oh yes! 
stretch marks?
 No, and I am putting Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my stomach every night.
haha!  My doctor told me I could take Tylenol PM to help me sleep, which i had no idea I could do, and I took one pill Friday and Saturday night and slept AWESOME.  I want to take them each night, but am a little paranoid to fill my body with medicine since Winslow is living in it. haha
best moment this week?
  My mom and her husband showed up at my doorstep Thursday night...they live over 11 hours away, so this was a HUGE surprise! My birthday was Friday so they came to celebrate with me. I almost cried I was so shocked!  Definitely the highlight of my week.

movement? All day long, but mostly at night. All night long.  He slides across my stomach and it feels crazy!
food cravings?
Cold milk, oreos
gender predictions?
A boy!
what i miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches

what i'm looking forward to: We are getting a KING sized bed this week.  I can. not. wait.  Between my husband being over 6 feet 5, and me liking to sprawl out in my sleep, a king size bed is a great investment.
how are you feeling?
Feeling good!  Having to pee a lot more..when I feel him sitting on my bladder, I have to go RIGHT THEN.  Ain't no waiting anymore...Climbing stairs and bending over is getting extra hard now though.  Sweet boy also likes to get in my ribs...that's not so fun because I can't breathe but he usually moves within a few hours..after a little pat pat on my stomach.

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