01 May 2013

Nursery Ideas

SOOOO....what are we doing in the nursery, you ask?

I'm not too crazy about a big "themed" nursery, and going along with the current decor of our home, we decided to incorporate some antique items, and a few woodland animals.  We are calling his nursery a "Woodland Cabin"..and are about 75% finished with it!  Here's the original inspiration:

1. Cube bookshelf from Landofnod.com
2.Woodland animal prints from etsy.com
3.Crib is made by Young America by Stanley (retails for $1000, and we got our from Craigslist for $150!)
4. Red dresser from google
5.Chicken wire frame from etsy.com
6. Bowtie quilt that is now Winslow's baby bedding was from eBay.
7. Woodland mobile from etsy.com
8. USA map from landofnod.com
9. Bear rug from Cabelas.com

So...I found a dresser/changing table from our local thrift store for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! 100% wood, and the perfect antique.  I painted it a couple months ago, can't wait to share it!  Here's a sneak peek. i LOVE the burlap knobs. they are from hobby lobby.

My friend, Nick, is a graphic designer and he made me some woodland animal prints FO FREE!  I love them!

I made a woodland animal mobile that took me YEARS (okay, not really) but it's just adorable, if I do say so myself.  Here are just three of the seven or eight animals I made:

And hubby built a cubed bookshelf for his toys and such that I am in love with.  We used pine and then stained it a nice rustic walnut.  Ahhhh... it looks fabulous.  Here's hubby building away:

 Let's just say when we tried putting the crib together, we both said more curse words than we wanted to.  I hate putting together furniture...and so does my man.  He wanted to throw it outside before he was done with it. But then I had to remind him, if he did, Winslow would have to sleep in our bed forever. :)  He decided against it.

 And just because, my man testing out strollers.  Ain't he a good lookin' dad?

I can't wait to share his nursery!! We have a window seat and some bookshelves to build before we are done..so it might be a few more weeks!




  1. Adorable! How did you make those cute animals for the mobile?! I found one I liked on etsy with little beagle puppies but it was like $80! Pssshhh!

    1. I just used a needle and thread, some stuffing to fill the inside, and felt! Easy, but took a while! You can totally do it though- good luck!