20 May 2013

A letter to my son.

Dear Winslow,

It's been a few weeks since I wrote you a letter- and lots has happened that you need to know! Daddy does a great job of updating you each night when he talks to you, and boy do you kick like crazy! I think you know his voice by now..or if you don't just yet, it sure is cute to think that you do.  We've added some bookshlelves to your nursery and hope you love to read as much as mommy and daddy! We always have a book in our hands and daddy stays up late with the light on to read.  Sometime when I'm trying to sleep (gotta get all the sleep in before you arrive!) it makes me a little mad because daddy has the light on, but that's okay.  I usually don't mind.

We also went to New Bern this past weekend to celebrate our third anniversary!  We have been married three years and this time next year you'll almost be a year old!

The best part about this past week was seeing your adorable little body and face.  Oh my gosh, I almost cried when I got to see you because it was the sweetest thing in the world!  
When the doctor first showed you to us, you were not that excited about being poked.  Your little hands were covering up your face so mommy and daddy couldn't see what you looked like!  But the doctor had other ideas:  he started poking the other side of my stomach which made you move a little and we could see your mouth open and close like you were saying "Hey now! I am nice and comfy in here and I don't like all this bouncing around!"  Then you stuck your tongue out!  

We finally got to see your face after the doctor moved you a little and boy are you handsome! I want these next 11 weeks to FLY by so I can have you in my arms! I know I won't want to share you, but I guess i'll have to. :)  Daddy and grandma say you have my lips.  I wouldn't mind that! As far as your nose, we are not sure!  Looks like it might be a Hogan nose (mine as well!)   Maybe you'll be as tall as your dad!  It's fun to think about what and who you'll look like!  

As far as cravings go, you sure like to make me crave sweets! I don't always give in because I want to make sure you're enjoying lots of fruits and veggies too but oreos and powdered donuts are something that I've enjoyed the past few weeks.  I also try to have a banana and an apple once a day so you will grow up strong!  

We sure do love you to pieces little one, and cannot wait until you make your appearance!  Maybe you'll come just a tad early so we don't have to wait so long for you.  But you come when you're ready, baby boy.

Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!  See you sooon!!!


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  1. i love the sweet letters, and he does have your lips!! amazing how you can see that precious face!!!!